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So I have officially lived in Japan for 18 days and it still feels like I am just on vacation. I suppose it will take a while before it really feels like  “home”. Truthfully, I have some serious doubts that it will ever feel like home. Alas, c’est la vie.

All and all, things have been going well. Along with tackling everything that comes with living in a completely different culture, I am also trying my best to come to terms with being a housewife. Not that I find anything particularly wrong with being one (in fact I think that being a SAHM/Housewife is one of hardest and most thankless jobs out there), it is just a completely foreign feeling for me. I am used to having a job and being independent, so being thrust into a role of complete dependence is a little unnerving.

I guess that I will adjust with time.  Since I do plan on working in the near future, it will be a moot point eventually.

Other than that, I have been trying to figure out how to use all my shiny new Japanese appliances. The washer/dryer is relatively simple, but I need to translate some of the kanji for the settings. I had laugh when we first used it and it played a little song when it started and finished. Amusing and far less irritating than the jarring buzzer from my previous washer and dryer.

The oven is a completely different beast. It is a really good oven and especially high rated for baking. However, it is completely different from a western oven and the entire instruction manual is in Japanese. To say that figuring it out is daunting would be an understatement.

I think I might dive head first into test runs this weekend. MIL has been dropping not so subtle hints about wanting some of the fruits of my labor. Last weekend she sent me a text as she was cleaning out her kitchen. She asked if I wanted her old hand mixer since she didn’t use it and since I left my beloved Kitchenaid behind, I figured it would come in handy. When we stopped over at their place to pick it up on our way to the grocery store, MIL handed me a huge shopping bag filled with various baking pans, molds, cookie presses and cutters, and a gratin dish. The mixer was buried somewhere near the bottom. 😛 I am not complaining though, as I got pretty much all the baking supplies I need for free. Awesome. Making her a cake is the least I could do.

The test results shall be another post! Hopefully I won’t burn down the apartment. Though that would make for some entertaining blogging, to be sure.

With that, I think I shall get dinner ready and huddle on the electric blanket. It is friggin cold!


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